Are You tired of feeling you are out of your depth and lack Understanding & Focus when it comes to your Personal Finances?

This Course will teach you everything you need to know to get on top of things.

Listen to the short video below to hear exactly what you will get to learn.

Are you tired of being "sold stuff" when what you really want and need is some helpful guidance? 

This is where this course is So Great. You get to Learn What You need to know, at your own pace and in your own time...


Investing doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to be an investment genius to get the basic fundamentals right and Plan and Invest in a way that secures your financial future.

Learn how to master the fundamentals. Focus on what works, use simple processes you can learn and repeat, and you will achieve far more than you realised possible and in far less time than you ever imagined.

This simple 4 step process will do all of that for you.​


Why make things difficult when you can sit back, watch a few videos and learn to use a tried and tested solution to get yourself up to speed and implementing your plan and portfolio faster and more effectively. 

No need to spend hours researching and reading bits and pieces of segmented information which may or may not be applicable to your needs. 


Everything you will need during the course is included in the course tutorials as PDF downloads or Excel spreadsheets that have been carefully designed to ensure ease of use. We have done our best to make sure that you have everything you need in one place and we show you exactly what to do and how to use them, each step of the way.

  • Goal Planning guide to help you clearly sketch out your future goals and how to clearly define them so that you can effectively build these goals into your future planning.
  • Budgeting and personal wealth workbook to guide you through your cash flow planning together with an asset and liability breakdown schedule to give you your starting point to your personal wealth. 
  • Basic Financial Planning tool to help you build out your broad financial plan.
  • Video Instruction on exactly how to use each of the above tools and planning aids.

Nobody wants to be sold something that they don't understand and are not necessarily convinced they need or understand the purpose of!!

The course gives you the opportunity to:

  • Learn what you need to know and to be able to understand what you need and why.
  • Know enough to be able to ask the questions you need to ask.
  • Learn and work through the course at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Not have someone pestering you to buy something when you are not ready to buy.
  • Methodically plan your next step in taking action to reach your financial goals.
  • Think carefully and clearly about what it is that is important to you and what you would like to achieve in your life from a financial and possibly even a broader perspective.

Comprehensive and yet Simple. The course is designed specifically for people with limited financial understanding.

The Course consists of 21 video tutorials that will clarify exactly what you need to know and do, giving you a great understanding and far better control of your financial life.

Below is a brief look at the focus and topics discussed in each of the 5 modules.​


Tutorial 1: Introduction : Know exactly what you will be learning.

Duration: 16 minutes 

  • This tutorial gives you a clear overview of exactly what you will be learning during the course.


Tutorial 2 : Goals & Fundamentals.

Duration: 20 minutes 

  • We will help you form real direction for your finances and even for your life.
  • It is so important to have goals and to clearly understand the aim and benefit of your planning.
Tutorial 4 : Taking Financial Responsibility.

Duration: 8m30s 

  • What is Financial Responsibility?
  • What does it entail and what would it mean to you?
  • Understand how the decisions you make today can impact your and your families future.​
Tutorial 3 : Understanding the financial environment.

Duration: 21 minutes 

  • Learn how important it is to understand the factors that affect how you plan and the impact that they can have.
  • Longevity, Legislation, Tax etc.
Tutorial 5: Understanding your needs as you go through life.

Duration: 15m31s 

  • What do we need to include in your planning and when?
  • How do you make sure you plan correctly as you go through your life.


Tutorial 6 : Managing your cash flow. (Budgeting)

Duration: 12m50s 

  • How can you better understand your Incomes and Expenses so that you can better manage your finances and save correctly.
Tutorial 8 : Understanding what you own and what you owe. (Assets & Liabilities)

Duration: 11m07s 

  • You cannot start planning unless you understand and know what your starting point is.
  • Your assets and liabilities are your starting point.
Tutorial 7: Tweaking your cash flows. (Budgeting)

Duration: 10m20s 

  • In this tutorial we look at some ways that you can possibly manage your cash flows more effectively and efficiently.
Tutorial 9: Understanding "Personal" risk.

Duration: 11m07s

  • ​How can "Personal Risk" affect you and your family?
  • Get a better understanding of "How and Why" Personal Risk cover is so important and when its good to have.

MODULE  4 - LIFESTYLE PLANNING (Building your Plan)

Tutorial 10 : Introducing Financial Lifestyle Planning.

Duration: 22m30s 

  • An Introduction to "How" you will start building your Plan or "Financial Road-map" for your future.
Tutorial 14: Testing your Planning scenarios.

Duration: 11m20s 

  • ​In this Tutorial we show you how to test your planning scenarios in order to arrive at an optimal implementable scenario that works best for you and your family.
Tutorial 11-12-13: Examples of Planning based on Age.

Duration: between 20m & 40m each 

  • ​Examples at ages 25,45 & 60.
  • Practical real life examples to help you understand and be able to build out your own Financial Plan.
Tutorial 15 : Aligning your current portfolio to work with your planning.

Duration: 11m07s 

  • We show you how to adjust all your investments to align them with your "new" plan.


Tutorial 16: Where and who do you invest with?

Duration: 11m02s 

  • We give you an understanding of which companies offer what investment options.
  • There are many variations and service levels that are good to be aware of.
Tutorial 18: Investment options/types.

Duration: 26m14s 

  • Here we take a look at the types of "Assets" that you can own within your investment. Cash, Bonds, Property, Shares etc.
Tutorial 20: Making your Investments.

Duration:  11 & 25 minutes

  • This is where the "Rubber hits the Road".
  • Nothing is accomplished without taking action and Implementing what you have planned.
  • We show you exactly how to Implement your own Portfolio.
Tutorial 17 : Investment Vehicles.

Duration: 22m30s 

  • Understanding how you "house" your investments.
  • There are many Investment vehicles and it is important to know which is best for what situation or purpose.
Tutorial 19 : Portfolio Allocation.

Duration: 20m15s 

  • We look at how the different Asset classes work and how they can be blended into a portfolio that works best for you.
Tutorial 21: Reviewing and Growing your Investments.

Duration:  20 minutes

  • Once you have implemented what you need to, it is vitally important that you keep your focus and make sure that all is running according to plan over time.
  • This tutorial gives you tips and guides on how to do exactly that.
About the Presenter

I am a self confessed Financial Planning fanatic and Geek if there is such a thing.

I have spent the last close to 20 years, engaging with clients of in all walks of life, doing Financial Planning and Lifestyle coaching and then running investment portfolios that best suit their needs in order for them to reach their Goals.

For me, there is no better feeling than to have someone come to you and thank you for making a fundamental positive difference in their and their families life.

I started my career in the building industry, after studying for my BSc Building Science degree. My time spent in the building Industry was mostly development based, putting Investment Projects together. My interest in wider investment opportunities led me to starting an MBA but then into Financial Planning more specifically. I spent 10 years with a high net worth Financial Planning business before setting up DJD Financial Services in 2009.

I have always had a passion for helping and coaching people to realize their dreams and Goals in life. My goal of being able to make a real impact and help as many people as possible, needed a special opportunity and vehicle.

This course and education based website, form a small part and window, to our bigger Dream and Mission, to make a real difference in the lives of those whom we get to meet, mentor and share our knowledge with.

I am convinced that this learning experience can make a fundamental difference in your life, just like it has in so many of our clients lives.

Give it a try.

REMEMBER : It is only the things that you don't try in life that you regret at the end of the day.

We look forward to having you aboard.

So, in Summary Here is what You’ll Get

21 specially designed, video tutorials, answering your most important and fundamental questions, in easy to understand language with simple illustrations, teaching you the fundamentals of what you need to know to make a success of your life financially.

You get all the check lists, work books and very importantly the spreadsheets which have been purpose designed and illustrated to do all calculations you will need to do to build an effective Plan.

Immediate Access to the Course at any time as often as you like in a secure Learning Zone with everything you need all in one place. No need to spend months browsing the web for information you are not even sure is correct and or applicable to you and your needs.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I really am not a financial person at all and have never really applied my mind to my own finances. Going through this course has completely changed my way of thinking and given me a new simple and clear way of looking at my finances. I am now focused and much happier for it.”

Michelle (Durban)

Is this Course Right for You?

IMPORTANT : This course is obviously not for everybody. Take a look at the table below to see if this is for you.


  • You are motivated, focused and ready to take control of your financial future.
  • You are wanting to take action and improve your life, now and into the future.
  • You are ready and willing to put in a little bit of effort as you realise that this can make a fundamental difference in your and your families lives.
  • You know that, by understanding better what you know about your finances, you will be able to make far better decisions and achieve success and greater wealth in the process.


  • You are comfortable that your finances are completely in order and under control.
  • You are not interested in learning more about your personal finances.
  • You leave your Finances and decisions about your finances totally in someone else's hands.
  • You will address issues about you finances when you get time but not now.
  • You are just not interested in this kind of stuff. It bores you to death!
Get Clear Insight and Control of your Personal Finances.

Working thoroughly through the full contents of this course will put you way ahead of the pack. It will give you the Insight you have always wanted to be able to take full and confident control of where you are headed financially. It will enable you to clearly plan your future taking into account your goals and give you the benefit of designing a future that you know you can reach.

The life you live today is a result of the decisions you have made throughout your life. Make sure that you are making the right decisions for you and your family as you go into your future.

Awesome added benefits, we offer you as a subscriber to our Course!

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This Blog is where we share all of our most recent information, answer questions that are often asked by our clients and include recent legislative updates. This helps our clients and subscribers to stay up to date with everything that is current and which is important to help them build and run their portfolios effectively.


Free 1 hour consultation: Ask those pressing questions.

As a subscriber, you get access to a personal 1 hour telephonic consultation with Dave. The intention is to answer any and all of the questions you may now have, after completing the course.

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